Quality Management at HEKSS

Quality Management

Quality Management at HEKSS

The General Medical Council (GMC) is the independent statutory body that regulates undergraduate and postgraduate medical education and training in the UK. The GMC’s Quality Framework (QF) sets out our responsibility for quality management of postgraduate medical education and training. HEKSS must satisfy itself that local education and training providers are meeting the GMC standards through robust reporting and monitoring mechanisms. We must also be able to demonstrate that we are meeting the GMC's Standards.


The GMC has published two documents that set out all of its standards and requirements:

HEKSS aims to meet or exceed all the GMC Quality Standards. We are committed to ensuring the highest standards are attained throughout the organisation. To this end, the Quality Management Steering Group, chaired by the Dean Director, meets monthly to ensure standards are being maintained and upheld, and to ensure a formalised management process exists to remedy any shortcomings.


HEKSS has developed Quality Management systems to ensure that trainee doctors are provided with the best possible training experiences throughout their period of training in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.


As part of the Quality Management Process the HEKSS Quality and Intelligence Department analyses the results of the GMC National Trainee and Trainer Surveys producing reports that provide the intelligence - together with other tools such as LEP visits - that help identify areas for improvement.


The Reports and analytical tools are available on the GMC Website.