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FLYER 2019

Primary Care Fellowships General Guidance 2019

Health Education England (HEE) School of General Practice, have refreshed its Primary Care Fellowship in General Practice Programme, which enables a post CCT GP (registered as an independent practitioner on the National Performers List) to develop a special interest alongside education and research.

The overarching aims of the programme are to:

  1. Enhance the function of Primary Care professionals within community care settings
  2. Support high-level research capability skills
  3. Develop and demonstrate skills in leadership and management
  4. Achieve an academic qualification 

The Fellow will be employed by a host organisation, with funding from HEE for tuition fees as well as a salary contribution to cover the adamic component 


Please download our promotional poster and general guidance for further information.


For expressions of interest and to how to apply please contact:


Places are limited; the closing date for applications is  7th March 2019.


If you’re an organisation interested in the opportunity to host a Fellow now or in the future please contact