Pairing Initiative


Leadership management trainee- foundation pairing initiative


Clinical leadership is seen as crucial to maintaining and improving patient care. Inherent in effective leadership is the need to be able to work with others and to understand the roles and responsibilities of those who share the task of leading in an organisation. In teaching leadership we have the opportunity to develop a joint understanding of the challenges that face professionals working in the Health Service and to promote shared goals.

This proposal outlines an initiative that enables management trainees in their first year of training in the NHS to pair up with year 2 Foundation doctors, who are in their second year after qualification and to undertake a joint project that will further their learning of leadership skills.

Objectives for the pairing scheme:

  • To encourage collaborative working between doctors and managers at an early stage in their training.
  • To support both junior doctors and management trainees in understanding the value that each brings to the organisation
  • To allow junior doctors and management trainees to learn from each other and achieve specific educational objectives around leadership and management.
  • To support junior-doctor/management trainee pairs to realise the benefits of collaboration and to role model this within their organizations and professional groups.

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