Forthcoming workshop for STFS F2 Trainees CANCELLED!


Due to the current adverse weather conditions and the impact this is having on travel in and around Kent, Surrey and Sussex, tomorrow evenings workshop that was scheduled to take place at St Georges has unfortunately been cancelled. There is further heavy snow forecast for today and throughout this evening into tomorrow and this could lead to severe disruption on the transport routes in and out of London. Apologies for this. This is the PowerPoint slides for the session for your information and we are hopeful that we will be able to stream the Interviews and Selection Centre DVD on the KSS website by the end of December / early January for you to view it from there.

I will also ring mobile contacts that I have to inform you if you do not see this mail. Please could you advise your colleges that were going to attend of the cancellation.

Many thanks and regards,

Jason Yarrow