Enhanced GP Training


Enhanced GP training Application Form (Jan 19)

HEE KSS GP School is offering up to 12 current GP trainees the opportunity to undertake additional study  to develop their leadership and quality improvement skills, including access to a PG Certificate in Health and Wellbeing.


The changing role of the GP predicated by the increasing complexity of an aging populations’ health care needs, the move to care closer to home and the role of the GP beyond the immediate advocacy of the patient to a commissioner of services has been reflected in the RCGP’s Enhanced GP Specialty Training Programme with greater emphasis being required on: 

  • Enhanced generalist skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Enhanced Clinical skills
  • Population health
  • Academic writing skills
  • Teaching skills

This opportunity will be available to trainees in ST3 of their GP training programme.


To facilitate learning in the programme trainees will have their ST3 year extended by an equivalent number of working days to reflect the additional study leave provision (28 working days), through the provision of additional formal study days and opportunities to develop their professional skills in a personalised timetable of activities. Trainees will be required to demonstrate their leadership skills through undertaking a Quality Improvement Project and develop their academic skills. Up to 4 months additional time in training is available to participants, and a minimum of 6 weeks full time will be required to replace the additional study leave. This will be discussed on an individual basis. 


The academic part of the Enhanced GP training will be delivered by Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU), in association with HEE KSS GP School. 

If you can see ways in which primary care could improve, and see yourself as a potential leader of the future, this opportunity could be for you. 

For detailed information about this opportunity, and to make your application, please see the attachments at the right of this page.


Arrangements for participants in 2019 will be organised on an individual basis, following discussion with the Head of School, depending on their particular interests.


CLOSING DATE IS 5PM on MONDAY 11TH FEBRUARY 2019 - so don't delay in making your application.


For informal enquiries about whether this flexible opportunity can work for you, email the Head of School at: christopher.warwick@hee.nhs.uk