PG Cert in Managing Medical Careers - How was it?


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PG Certificate in Managing Medical Careers ± How was it for me?
How I found the course
‡ Structured ± liked the spread of study days ‡ Logical ‡ Days provided plenty of space for useful discussion ‡ Interesting speakers ‡ Practical ideas ± tools for 1-1 discussions and group sessions ‡ Good support
± for writing assignments ± Tutorial support ± Support from group
‡ Stimulating ‡ Thought provoking ‡ Now enrolled on Doctorate!
Did it affect the way I work?
‡ Yes ± really useful to reflect on my own career pathway and decision making ‡ Yes - increased my self-confidence ‡ Yes ± increased my credibility ‡ Yes ± prompted delivery of a programme for undergraduates ‡ Yes ± helped support work I was involved in for SASGs
Work/Life Balance
‡ Will depend on your starting point ± new to me so I had to read around the subject ‡ Need time to complete assignments ‡ Lots of support as part of structure of course
What was difficult?
‡ Weather ± what a winter we had to contend with! ‡ Fitting in reading texts ‡ Ensuring I got most out of virtual material/study groups ‡ Getting into this way of writing assignments ± not reports ‡ Finding someone to proof read
What was particularly enjoyable?
‡ Great mix of participants:
± ± ± ± Ireland Scotland Trust Deanery
‡ Learning from each other:
± Clinical ± Non-clinical
‡ Developed thoughts around subject:
± Not just foundation (UGs/SASGs)
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