Performers List Applications

Performers' Lists As from April 1 2006 Primary Care Trusts have kept a Performers' List. All dental performers (those practising NHS dentistry) currently working in the General Dental Service (GDS), Personal Dental Service (PDS) and Community Dental Service (CDS) are included. A Provider is the owner/principal/corporate body. A performer is a practitioner who practises dentistry. Therefore a provider can also be a performer. All performers are issued with a performers’ list number. For the purposes of training applications the Deanery and the Postgraduate Education Centres (PGEC) will require the Dental Practitioner’s Dental performers' list number. Those attending courses run at these centres will be charged a small fee for administration by the centre, and for their refreshments. A practitioner who does not have such a number will be able to attend "NHS" dental courses by paying a once a year registration fee to the centre, in addition to these charges. The fee need only be paid to one centre, and they will then be treated by any centre within the KSS Deanery as though they were on a performers' list. This will apply whether one or many courses are attended, and is only applicable to the KSS Deanery. The charge for the year commencing 1 April 2007 will be £100.00. Dental Vocational Training So that a dentist can be put on the PCT Performers' List they will have to either have undertaken Vocational Training or have already acquired the competencies required to access the performers’ list. Some dentists will be exempt from Vocational Training because they are from a country within the EEA or they have practised in primary dental care for two years altogether in either the CDS, armed forces or PDS (prior to 1 April 2006). Applications to the PCT Performers' List ...Competency Training for Dentists who have not undertaken Vocational Training but have Relevant Experience From April 1 2006 those dentists who do not have a Vocational Training number, or have not completed an appropriate period of Vocational Training as defined in the Regulations must be assessed by the PCT in consultation with the Postgraduate Dea. This will decide whether dentists can be admitted to the PCT Performers' List based on them having gained experience of providing an appropriate and adequate case mix to perform NHS primary care dental services. The Conference of Dental Postgraduate Deans and Directors (COPDEND) has produced a framework for assessing eligibility for inclusion on the PCT Performers' List, which can be found on the COPDEND website at The PCT initially assesses. If individuals need additional competencies, the PCT, Primary Care Agency or Primary Care Support Services pass their details to the Deanery. We will assess the dentist's previous experience and training - the assessment will be between the individual and an assessor. A Personal Development Plan will be developed to determine any competency 'gaps', the completion of which, within a suitable supportive training environment, will allow admission to the PCT's Performers' List. On completion of the defined programme, the PG Dean will provide the PCT with a certificate of completion of competency. Factsheet 6A (Gateway 7620) - Dental Vocational Training – issued in December 206 by the Department of Health summarises the arrangements that came into effect from April 2006 and replaces Factsheet 6 (Gateway 5917 can be found on the DoH website A further DoH factsheet on Competency Training is currently under discussion and will be issued in the near future).