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Overview of the Scheme 

The Induction and Refresher Scheme is a national scheme – which is co-ordinated by Local Education and Training Boards (LETBs).

To work as a GP in the UK you must be on the GMC GP Specialist Register and on an NHS England Area Team Performers List who have the statutory role for determining whether a doctor should be registered on their list, so we would recommend you first discuss your intentions with the respective Area Team.

On review of your past experience as a GP in the UK, experience abroad, or other work you may have undertaken the Area Team may make one of three decisions:

  • Approved for the list as an independent practitioner – in which case you can independently seek work as a GP.
  • Approved subject to conditions – the Area Team supports your application but may restrict your practice for example: working as a salaried doctor rather than a locum, not working in Out of Hours or only seeking work in an approved practice (usually a training practice) for a prescribed length of time.
  • Reject your application – in which case your only route to return at the present time is through the I&R Scheme.


An interview can be arranged with the Associate Director for the Scheme.

You would undertake a series of selection assessments – which help determine suitability for the scheme and provide an educational prescription of how long the scheme may need to be and what are the key learning areas for a PDP.

The selection assessments include an MCQ, a simulated surgery and where appropriate, a language assessment. For more details please see our Guidance for Doctors document and the more detailed Induction and Refresher Scheme Information Pack.


Placements are for up to a maximum of 6 months full time equivalent.

Part time working is an option but it is not usually recommended that a doctor works less than 4.5 sessions on the scheme.

Placements are in approved training practices with an approved GP trainer.

During the placement the trainer undertakes regular assessments of practice including case based discussion and observation of practice. A Multisource feedback (MSF) and patient satisfaction questionnaire (PSQ) are also undertaken. You are also expected to keep an educational log.

There are exit assessments which include the Applied Knowledge Test (AKT), one of the components of the MRCGP, a report from the trainer supervising you and in some cases an further simulated surgery is required.


HEKSS is keen to support individuals BUT under current financial circumstances cannot provide any funding for the scheme. What are the implications?

The cost of entrance and exit assessments need to be borne by you the individual or in the unlikely case a PCT is specifically sponsoring you.

The entrance MCQ costs £100 and the simulated surgery £750. The AKT costs at the current time £480.  To book onto an assessment and for further details,  please go to the NRO GP induction & refresher page.

Placements on the scheme can be difficult to find as the primary role of the LETB is in providing placements for doctors training to be GPs in the UK. Waiting lists can develop.

There is no funding for the trainer educational grant or salary, so doctors on the scheme will need to negotiate terms and conditions with a practice which may not reflect the rate for a doctor capable of independent practice.

Where can I get more advice?

Email: or telphone: (020) 7415 3630