Dental Core Training (DCT) is the new name for what used to be SHO and then DF2! In essence it is a second year of training post foundation that is designed to equip recently qualified dentists with the additional skills to tackle more complex cases particularly those that require some Minor Oral Surgery. Dental Core Training is part of the HEKSS School of Intermediate and Higher Specialty Training in Dentistry led by Mr Graham Gilmour a Consultant in Restorative Dentistry and Associate Dental Dean in HEKSS.

DCTs will be working in a variety of arenas during this training year.

Dental Core Trainee (DCT)

Dental Core Training (DCT) Postgraduate Dental Education is going through a process of change at the moment which is having far reaching affects on everybody involved in training and education. The modernisation of the SHO grade places an increasing emphasis on education of the trainee as opposed to being first and foremost a service provider. These grades are now being badged as Dental Core Training (DCT). 

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