Secondary Care

MSc Programme in Primary Dental Care

Welcome to the MSc in Primary Dental Care Programme


The MSc in Primary Dental Care Programme is a collaborative partnership with HEE LaSE, Dental and the University of Kent, Centre for Professional Practice


The MSc in Primary Dental Care consists of three stages:


Stage 1, Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Dental Care for Foundation Dentists, 60 Credits (Year 1):

Specialist Registrars (SpRs)

The London and South East Deanery has SpR trainees in the dental specialties and is responsible for the recruitment, appointment and assessment.

Maxillofacial Surgery as a medical specialty has moved along with "Modernising Medical Careers" to the ST1 system, their specialty training commencing at ST2 rather than being called Specialist Registrars. For further information please email the Dental Office Manager at quoting SpRs in the subject.

Secondary Care

The world of secondary care continues to be a busy and sometimes challenging one.


A large part of my remit is the co-ordination, management and assessment of both Specialty Training Registrars (StR’s) and Dental Core Trainees (DCT’s) in London & South East. 

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